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Product Specialist/Consumer Relations 


"Art Long was born in the Greater Boston area because he wanted to be closer to his mom!  He discovered rock and roll music at a very young age because it was the only thing louder than himself!"

After asking Art for a bio, we received the above quote which accurately depicts Art's great sense of humor.  Arts genuine love of people and charisma, make him quintessential for the job of customer relations for Bad Boy Guitars®.  His talent as a musician and his knowledge of the workings of guitars and being a cunning linguist make him bona fide to be in this business and one of our Product Specialists.


Curious about Bad Boy Guitars® he sought us out.   Once a Bad Boy® Bass was placed in his hands, it was love at first sight and he bought that bass on the spot.   "This Muther F*@%#R  is BAD ASS! " 


As the tender age of 13 Art started performing in and producing local showcases to the delight of audiences and Art knew he was born to be in the spotlight!  This help to catapult him into the entertainment business.  He started out in bands such as AWOL, which is the longest surviving cover band in the Greater Boston Area and is still preforming today!  Other bands include but not limited to:  Nasty Habits ; Se7enth Sign; "the guilt"  (with A.J. Palazini- lead guitarist; Rick Van Wie; and Buck Burbury)  In his early 20's Art met a group of professional musicians twice his age - Crwydryn (yes this is his name),  Emrys Atkinson, Steve La Valley who in 1992 formed the band  "Crwydryn".  They recorded an album that included a song entitled,                               which was nominated for a GRAMMY in 2007 for best instrumental with vocal.

"After freezing my balls off I decided to make the move to Arizona taking time off to rase my family.  When they became of age I re-entered the music scene in the Phoenix area with a gaggle of local cover acts including but not limited to:  "Rizon"; and the band "TRIBE",  with the mighty Jimmy Ellis." In 2007 Art received a 3:00 a.m. call from a fellow musician reminding me of the promise I had made to start a KISS Tribute Band.   Kiss Mania was formed until 2008 when" Kiss Alive" took the mantle.  In 2016 Art did a National Tour for "Rock and Roll Over".  

Perry Fretz and Art long met at a benefit for Jimmy Ellis, a local legend who is battling cancer.  A fast friendship and respect for each other as musicians formed and they became good friends.   Art commented, "it was lunacy at first sight"!   Perry introduced Art to  Mike Derhamer which led to "ALL HELL BREAKING LOOSE"!   Up from the chaos the bands                                   and the Bindle Stiffs were formed and the Red Sea parted and invitations to perform all over the Metropolitan Phoenix area opened.  

In 2010 Art was involved with Rock Soldiers for Wounded  Warriors as Vice President along with President, Jerry Boales. 

Art likes to take long walks on beaches considering there is over 400 miles from here to the Pacific Ocean.  He is a geek; total Trekky and his Chief Engineer is Mr. Scott!  He likes to do things that decorum prohibits listing in print.  

His business experiences include but are not limited to:

1970-present -Klingon  Ambassador for Star Fleet  (aspiring )

1984 - present - Free lance producer/Sound engineer 

1986 - 1985 Structural Audio Engineer for /Quality COnt Eastern Acoustics Works

1989 - Vice President " Music Mania and More" 

1996 - 2017 - Contract Adviser - Total Transit Inc.

1997 - 2001 - Operations/Logestions Manager - TLC Mobile Hostility/Procure L.L.C.

1999 - 2001 - Structural Engineer at Audio Technology Inc.

 2007 -2014 - Operations Manager  - "Green Eyed Murder Entertainment"



You are so missed! 

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Brandi Fretz

Marketing/Product Represententative

Brandi has been one of the iconic symbols of Bad Boy Guitars since the onset as the first of the Bad Boy® Bad Girls!  She is now the principal of the Bad Girls as a talent scout, coordinating photo shoots and part time photographer.

In 2010 Brandi received her Associates in Justice Administration.  

In 2014 she received her Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice and made the National Honor Society.

Brandi is currently working towards her Masters Degree in Family/Juvenile Counseling.  She is currently teaching for Combs Unified School District.   

​Brandi plays guitar and is a talented singer.  She is the mother of two amazing boys, Keegan and Kyland.  

Walter Geoff Photography


​​​​​​​Terry Marlene Madsen Fretz

Vice President/Chief Financial Officer


Terry is also responsible for the financial end and the Bad Boy Guitars® Web Design;  Bad Boy Guitars® Facebook;  Instagram;  Pinterest; and Twitter pages.  Terry is one of the Bad Boy Guitars® photographers responsible for many of the photographs and videos.

Terry has over 20  years as manager of a successful law firm and was the Owner/Manager of Peninsula House, a high end vacation rental estate on Lopez Island, Washington. 

Terry has played guitar since the age of twelve and is a singer/songwriter currently in production for an album which is scheduled to be completed next  year. 

BAD BOY GUITARS®, L.L.C.  became a Limited Liability Company on May 8, 2013 by the Arizona Corporation Commission, State of Arizona, United States of America.
Our name BAD BOY GUITARS® became our legal trade name on June 25, 2013 with the State of Arizona, Office of the Secretary of State of Arizona, United States of America.

​​The United States Patent & Trademark Office awarded us the name Bad Boy® as our Registered Trademark on November 1, 2016.

The United States Patent & Trademark Office awarded us the name Bad Boy Guitars® as our Registered Trademark on November 15, 2016.

PHONE​ NUMBER:   480.793.0247


Product Specialist/Consumer Relations 


Mike is from a very talented, musical family with his dad playing guitar and he had magical vocals.   His mom played bass, accordion; piano and had amazing vocals as well in a well know band named "Lou Ann and the Western Swingsters", playing the Eastern Coast Circuit.  Dad played for Slim Whitman; Ernest Tubb; Sons of the Pioneers and he co-wrote their biggest hit, "Riding High with Tear Drops From My Heart".  Mike started playing drums with his father's band at the age of eight.  His first show was in front of 4,000 people at Willow Grove Naval Base.  At the age of nine he played drums for Vern Gosden, one of the biggest Country Western Singers of all times.  

Mike and Perry go way back when they both attended  Palisades High School in Kintnersville, PA. together.  They formed their first band "Survival" with Mike playing drums. He decided he wanted to play the guitar as he thought that the guitarists "had more fun" (girls)  and so Perry showed him some cords and the rest is history!  Mike has become one of the most talented vocalists and guitarists around!  

In between the years of 1993 and 1995 Mike was on stage playing guitar with Edgar Winter; Mountain; Blackfoot; Little River Band, Kansas; and Molly Hatchet as a hired gun.  He jammed with some of the guys from Skid Row; and has played with various other leading bands as well.   Mike was on stage playing his guitar and adding his vocals touring with Bo Diddley in 1994.  Mike was known as the finest performing guitarist in the area.  

In 1995 Mike won a Horizon Award for an original song called, "Two Hearts".  Mike took time off from the industry to raise his family until 2002 when he put together the band, "Train Wreck" in Georgia playing all over the south.  From 2006 until 2012 he was in the band "Grayhorse"  in Georgia as well.  In 2012 he formed the "Mike Derhamer Band".   

In 2010 Mike released his first CD entitled,  "All Roads Lead to Somewhere".

In 2011 he released his second CD entitled, Portraits From A Tortured Mind".

Both of these CD's featured emotional charges songs about personal events in Mikes life.

Mike and Perry reconnected in 2015 and Bad Boy Guitars® became a sponsor.

Mike moved to Arizona in 2016 and began recording his third CD at Greasewood Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Greasewood Studios is an affiliation of Bad Boy Guitars® and he is currently working on that CD with Art Long.  This CD is entitled, "Standing on the Edge of Forever", which is a guitar instrumental with all songs written by Mike Derhamer featuring guests musicians Art Long and Perry Fretz.  Here is a song from that album entitled, "Sunrise", which Mike wrote for his mother who passed away in 2017.

Mike is also endorsed by Hayes Amplification. 

Thirty nine years later Mike and Perry are currently in an Acoustical Trio along with Art Long as the band named  Full Circle.   The irony being that Mike is now the guitarist and Perry is the percussionist!  Thus the name, "Full Circle".  

Mike is also currently in the hard rock band called, "Bindle Stiffs" and both bands are in demand playing all over the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.  Mike can also be seen performing as a solo artist as, "An Evening with Mike Derhamer".


  • Let it Rain mp35:19
  • When The Heart Belongs To Someone Else5:34
  • Song for Miss Ann3:45
  • 3:50

​​​Bad Boy® Artist Russell Shannon was born in 1953, and he began drawing on a regular basis at just four years of age!   It was love at first sight and he never looked back. His aunt gave him a set of oil paints for Christmas when he was ten years old and he began experimenting with color and the rest is history.  

It was then that he took a major interest in music as well as art and he learned to play the drums and has been active in both music and art since that time.

His mastery of the air brush is uncommon.  Combined with his creativeness, his works have left people in awe of his projects.

"I am honored to have been asked to join the Bad Boy Guitar Family and overjoyed to be a part of it. God Bless Bad Boy Guitars, and God Bless you all"! .......Russell

  Perry Fretz 

President /Master Luthier 


Perry Fretz is an artisan with that special, “ artistic eye!”   He has vision and talent in understanding wood,  it’s textures, patterns, and grains with the foresight to see the finished creation.  Perry takes great pride in his skills that have been passed down to him from generations of carpenters, artists, painters, and musicians.

Working in a body shop after high school expanded his talent with the air gun and finish work.  As a “hands-on” employer in the construction industry, as well as being a finish carpenter for over twenty years helped hone his skills and lay the foundation for his ability to master his craft as a luthier.

Perry learned how to play guitar at the age of nine and by the time he was in high school had his first band.   Throughout the years he's been in various bands and has owned dozens of different brands of guitars. He always had a desire to own a better quality instrument; one that was custom made just for him.  Perry has been a musician in the Greater Phoenix Area with the same classic rock band                                                  for almost three decades as the front man playing guitar and vocals.  Perry is also in the band                                   playing the congas, guitar, and vocals.  Full Circle performs a genre of music including classic rock, southern rock, blues, and country, all with acoustical harmonies.  

Perry’s breakthrough came after meeting an icon in the industry, Neal Moser of Moser Guitars.   Neal asked if he could do the finish work on his custom guitars and Perry jumped at this opportunity unaware of the path this would put him on.  After building his first guitar,  neighbors Justin and Samantha Berg came by to see for themselves Perry's custom guitar.  Justin Berg has played with The Yankees, The Chicago Cubs as well as several other ball clubs.   It was love at first sight and they became Bad Boy Guitars® first customers!  "Once you play a Bad Boy®, you understand how special these instruments are!"  Since then Perry has been dedicated to his craft putting his time and passion into each handcrafted, custom built guitar.  Each guitar has it's own personality and sound depending on the needs of each individual  musician.  

In today's world, most luthiers are using C.N.C. Machines to build their product and mass produce cookie cutter guitars.  Many send their guitars out to have the finish work done by other finishers as this is an art in itself.   Perry is among the few luthiers and guitar companies who truly hand builds each and every guitar doing all his own finish work.  His expertise continues to grow with each completed guitar and his desire to be one of the best in the industry drives him onward!    


Terry Babicz

Marketing/Media Specialist

(815) 210-7264

Terry Babicz has been  a performing musician and songwriter for over 30 years. He is an accomplished player on guitar, drums, and bass appearing on CDs with worldwide distribution.  Terry has played and recorded many different styles from Blues, Fusion, Rock and Metal.  He also spent an Internship at Grammy Award winning ARS Studios learning hands on Analog and Digital recording, mixing and mastering.

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Terry is currently performing in local Phoenix area clubs and teaching new students. Terry also cohosted the Laveen Stage Open Mic in South Phoenix.

Terry  is currently playing in Phoenix local band Sick Black Automatic. In 2017 Sick Black Automatic won AZ Talent Best Heavy Metal Song for "Flat Dark Earth".  Terry Babicz won AZ Talent Best Original Song for his solo project song - "The Mood".

Terry was nominated for Appaling Events Music Video of the Year for his work on                                           .  

Sick Black Automatic was also nominated for Appalling Events, "Best New Artist".

As a photographer, Terry had his video from                                     published by Guitar World Magazine.  

in 2018 Sick Black Automatic released their Debut CD "Caught in the Black".

He is currently endorsed by:   Bad Boy Guitars;  WB Gear; SIT Strings; InTune Guitar Picks; and Big Bends Nut Sauce.

Terry has previously been in Adversary (Thrash Metal band based in Chicago) and has been in several cover bands.  

Terry has released 2 EP demos which he also played drums on.  

You will find links to his original music releases here:  

Shelby James 

Marketing Technician

Product Representative

Shelby James has been a photographer for over ten years and is currently a photographer for Sick Black Automatic as well as Bad Boy Guitars®.  Her experiences include but are not limited to Weddings; Graduations; Wildlife; Pets and Nature Photography.  

Shelby was nominated for her camera work on "Malicious Melodies - Persistence of Life" music video.  She creates and edits videos for local bands as well.

Shelby is a musician and has been for over ten years.  

She started on percussion and is currently learning guitar.​​